Thursday, November 23, 2006

"If you like orange poop!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

What do I have to be thankful for? Well, amongst many, many other things, I am thankful for my family for being guinea pigs to my culinary compositions! and the honesty of my elder son at his chosen times.

Today, like many others, I have decided to "jazz" up the cabbage and the bok choi and have added a twist to the traditional pumpkin pie!
The former two went down well as we sat down to a Thanksgiving meal at the "posh" table. The kids have come to expect great things when we sit down to a meal at that table. We didn't have the traditional bird, instead I did Nigella's 24 hour pork, (requested once a year by my dh!!) which was somewhat cut short by the flipping oven having a 12 hour automatic cut out switch. Hence this morning when I awoke to the somewhat less than aromatic scent of pork, the oven was only luke warm. Not a prob with a smaller cut of hog though...

I am never one, however, to do things simply. To cook a simple, plain pumpkin pie is boring! So I decided to jazz it up, using real pumpkin from our October 31st efforts and then a cross 'tween a lemon meringue attempt, admired the finished product. Served hot with vanilla ice cream, the kids tucked in as I served up some for R. in the kitchen. Thinking he couldn't be heard, my greatest critic responds to his brother's question of "how is it?"

"It's okay...........if you like orange poop that is!"

Bugger! Better stick to the recipe next time!


pansy said...

No doubt W did not want to try it after such a recommendation. Reminds me of a rubber cheesecake from the past! Yeah man - stick to the recipe!

pansy said...

No doubt W refused to try such a delicacy after that recommendation!