Friday, November 10, 2006

Fitting in

Coffee drunk : 1 large
Mood: Nonchalant
Yoga sessions this week: three!
State of home: disorderly demise!

God, if this was all there was to bother me, wouldn't life be simple!! It is Friday people, it is crazy day here at the Beehive. Friday workshop always leaves me feeling that I need more hours in the day, that I have more to say, not enough time for questions!
We have been at school since 7.30am this morning, selling tickets for a concert which the school are hosting as a fundraiser. I never know where I stand in these fundraisers. I like to help, but then feel a hypocrite cos I am not going myself to the event. I realise the school has to raise money and it is important, that said, these tickets are phenomenal and I really would rather put some of the amount of a ticket towards a truly needy cause! Then i shot home for the workshop, then back up to school cos it is a half day today and back for lunch and then we are due at the Doc's in a bit.
T. has a funny lump on the back of his knee. TBH it looks like his bone is at a funny angle. He says it's been like that since birth and doesn't hurt, but I don't know why I haven't noticed it before. Of course, all the horrid things go through my head, but I am sure it is fine so i will just get it checked to be safe.

I was rung last night by a doula friend who is trying to find a last minute doula for a lady. She was due yesterday (VBAC) and has just decided that she might need the assistance of a doula to help achieve the VBAC if at all possible. Apparently she is not getting the support she had originally hoped for from her care givers. I had to pretty much turn her down due to my own comittments, but left her my cell number just in case she went into labor tonight or tomorrow and hadn't found anyone. I hate to think that someone wouldnt have a doula at all if they needed or wanted one, but equally, my head was wondering why she decided so late on and was she really just wanting a doula so she felt she had someone on her side? It is such a fine line to tread as a doula. Part of my role IS that of supporter and advocate, BUT I am not there to take sides and in a situation like this, where a doula is hired last minute, how hard has this been thought through? Where does it become that we are the "scapegoat" for the unwanted c-section by the client, or the "meddlesome doula" who interferes in what is supposedly best for the mother and baby by the care givers? In an ideal world it is much better to meet clients well in advance and build up a relationship, just like a midwife would do. Anyway......I will let you know if I end up being called!
However, despite the hospital not being so supportive of her VBAC, they are going to induce her on Friday if she hasn't gone into labor naturally? Someone correct me, but my training always taught me that a contraindication of pitocin was a previous caesarean?

R. arrived back after a week in Greece at 2am this morning! Then his folks arrive later today and I haven't even made the beds up yet - can you tell I am bothered!! The yoga is working!!

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