Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Does it hurt?

OMG!! Why do people ask such stupid questions? Yes, whilst you poke my gums with a metal stick and cause them to bleed it IS going to hurt and I AM going to flinch or react to it! and no I don't think it is because they are particularly sensitive I just think it is because you are POKING THEM CONTINUALLY WITH A SHARP METAL STICK!!!!!!!!!

This morning in Yoga I managed a handstand - I don't think I have done one of those since 1984!

I was put in somewhat of a predicament however, stand like a lemon to one side and watch all the beautifully strong and toned devotees do their handstands, or, when the class assistant (may I add an extremely handsome, mysterious and sexy looking man!!) offers to hold my legs and put his fist between my thighs (apparently it encourages you to pull in your thighs and strengthen and straighten the pose - yuhuh!?) do I agree? I am running the risk of kicking him in the face (or somewhere else even less agreeable), collapsing in an ungainly 100 and something lb heap on the floor at his feet, or worse still....you can fill that in! However, I feel that sense ran away from me and I agreed! Fortunately, I think the spirits that be were looking out for my dignity and, luckily for him, not wearing the same short skirt and pink knickers I was probably wearing in 1984, (thank fuck for that!)I manage to draw myself into Adho Mukha Vrksasana, continuing my Pranayama (and prayers at this point in time believe me!)for a whole 40 second pose!! Wohoo!!!

Oh and while you ask - yes it hurt!!

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