Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

I am sitting here, chuckling to myself. What a mad and crazy day! The boys are currently in our jacuzzi tub pretending that they are "accidently" pressing the on button!
The day started calmly enough, I lunched - yay, that word IS in my vocabulary occasionally! with some friends today minus our sprogs. The intention was to find time to talk without having to race around after our 23 month olds! We met at a Venezuelan beach cafe! Yet another great little find. After totally whetting my appetite with a freshly juiced carrot and pineapple, I then went on to have black bean pancakes, with eggs, corn, goat cheese and avocado. Another fab gem to add to my list of good little back street cafes!!

On returning home the kids were out on their bikes, I obviously was totally overwhelmed by this "me time" and took Izzy to buy some Halloween decorations. Much to R's complete surprise and totally out of character for me - I have harped on for years about this being a weird celebration for kids and how I took umbridge at celebrating spooks and zombies.......I returned with a polystyrene zombie and huge cobweb that is now adorning our front entrance under the oak tree! Seriously.....I think I am having a lapse in old age!! I. decided to call him Superman and took great delight in sitting next to him on the way home in the car yelling intermittently "me love Superman!" So now "Superman" is haunting the neighbours, hopefully eerily lit up by our solar powered lights too and I have my frontal lobotomy booked!

I's birthday is another dawning for me. As you may know, the Americans go big time for birthday parties, hiring entertainers, musicians, real life fairies, singing ponies, pop bands, half of Tenessee and the cast of Pirates of the Carribean. We, being mere mortals, and me having already done my "off the cuff" thing with "Superman" out front, are not really into this for a 2year old! But, the alternative is a house full of small demanding I's all throwing food and intermittent tantrums......hmmm the choice. TBH I think she would be happy with an obliging guitar man(.....Dan my man, where are you???) playing some songs for her to dance too. Problem is, because it is "the in thing" to provide the world each birthday, prices are ridiculous and way more than my pride, sense or pocket will pay. Not only that, the food they provide is pants - not nutritious and I won't be able to eat half of it anyway due to the lactose..........So, I think I will invite a bunch of her pals, put on some of Dan and laurie and get my dancing kit on!

Finally to round off the day, when we are getting ready for bath and W manages to evoke conversation about why his penis gets stiff as he was kindly demonstrating.........Thus this leads into T decided tonight was the night to tell me all about when his penis gets stiff and and the pair of them playing a "my willy gets harder than yours" card! Okay - I think I have finally had enough for the night! This has to be daddy's jurisdiction surely???

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