Monday, August 23, 2010

Bird on the Braai.

Mr Beehive visited the South African cafe with master Beehive the younger on Saturday. They'd been soaking up the endorphins of football practice, marshmallow floats and chatting with the girl behind the bar and well.. one thing led to another and:

No! That's not him!

However, dinner of Gallus gallus domesticas, ended up looking like "Pullus in laboro"!!

He was persuaded to buy a beer can chicken cooker for his smoker - okay, he bought two *sigh*,... really cheap apparently - yeah, I can hear the sales pitch now along with the extra dollop of cream on his hot chocolate!

I have to say, this way of cooking the chook certainly made for a succulent and beautifully browned bird (bit like me really ;-)) but I'm not sure it appreciated the can of London Pride up it's innards!

I also wanted to share with you our "howler" moon of Saturday evening!

All it needs is a pack of hot young wolves to come out of the shadows ;-) Perhaps they'd like a can of London Pride and a piece of beautifully browned bird?
 *dirty chuckle*

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The Mother said...

Oh that chicken looks amazing!