Friday, August 13, 2010

Something old, something new...

Well, not so much a "thing" as a person and not so much "old" as "lost" really as she should take warranted umbridge at being described as "old"!

It's been a fantastic week this week. To begin the week I met with a friend that I was in the fourth and fifth year (yes, see that even demonstrates how long ago this was - we are talking "old school" class, not "year 11 or 12!!) at school with and lost contact with after that when we both went our separate directions after we left school.

22 years ago!!

This is all down to facebook (for much of its faults, there are some huge benefits!).

Emma has been living in Oz for the last ten years and has fairly recently returned to her Fen roots. We decided to meet this week after having chatted online for a while. Of course, in the history of facebook reunions, this really has to come up on the 100 oddest "dates", as in our similarity to each other, we decided to go on a chicken course together!

Girls chatting about old times!

 It is a cliche to say that it doesn't seem like we've been out of contact so long because we just seemed to slot back together like it was yesterday! We then continued to have a meal out together on Tuesday evening, taking in the limited, but excellent, culinary varieties that our little Fen town has to offer, and managed to spend a good three hours making up for lost time.

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing her again and remaining a "real life" friend rather than a 2D picture on the screen. If you're thinking of keeping a few chickens then visit her blog to learn about the things we were told.

Then from friends old to friends new, I met this week with a couple of girls who are going to be at the same University as me doing midwifery. One is starting this year (yeah, touch of the green-eyed!) and the other is in my cohort. We spent a lovely day having a picnic at Milton Keynes with our kids, although the elder Beehive got stung by a wasp so spent much of the day feeling miserable and smelling like the local chippy thanks to the vinegar!

I feel like my life this week has reached a really comfortable and happy place. I also spent a very happy evening with my wonderful pal, Soph and her lovely family over in Berkshire.

The lovely Soph getting her laughing gear around a breakfast burger!

I always enjoy Sophie's company and can't wait to be a short drive up the road rather than a seven hour slog in the car! I'm so happy to be back in contact with Emma and am thoroughly looking forward to spending more time with her, my current friends and my new midwife friends.

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Emma said...

Was lovely to read this Rachel - I feel famous! Am wondering which of the old chooks is me...

I was trying to describe our little reunion to my best friend from Oz - though we have both grown and changed and 'become ourselves' since school, it does seem like 'ourselves' knew each other all along and it was like it was only yesterday. Was truly fabulous to see you, you are what I define as a true friend and I am confident we'll still be friends when we are old and wrinkly... but let's not leave it 22 years before we catch up again!

See you SOON!