Thursday, August 26, 2010

By jove she's done it!

I'm actually surprised I made it home at all today!

Exam results came out on Tuesday - well, except mine that is! This year results were coming out two days earlier than normal - electronically... only not for everyone.

So we've had two days of irrational panic, for which Mr Beehive has been unable, naturally, to say the right thing. Poor bloke, he's had his ear well and truly chewed this week.

Of course, in my defense m'lud, the university's offer letter stated that the result had to be with them by August 31st, so there was an element of panic- - worse case - the sky's fallen in - type scenario, that I'd have to go through the whole interview process again, not least sit the bloody exam all over again.

Anyway, quite what Edinburgh made of the slightly mad middle aged woman with a red, flushed face, bouncing through the city this afternoon like a school kid (oh yeah, I was, temporarily!) with a permanent grin, flapping a piece of paper, talking to herself, giggling, walking into yet more lamposts... I'm surprised no one threw me a quid or two.

I needed a C - all my life I've been the C student.
I do well enough!
I work hard, I study hard, I'm a tryer,
But I don't do brilliantly.
But, I'd like to be brilliant - just once!
Today was my day to be brilliant - just once.

I got an A* - just as well really cos it would have been bloody embarrassing to get anything less for an exam that 15 year olds are sitting and receiving A's and A*'s!!

Now for that first class honours degree!! 

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