Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chasing Spring

Slightly different tone of post from my last one, but thought something a little more lighthearted was in order.

Tomorrow morning before the birds wake, I will be loading three sleepy wains into the car and trundling off down to Oxfordshire to the new house.

The car will be laden with hoes, rakes, seeds, herbs, my nurtured pea seedlings, canes (ooh, must remember to put those in), readybeds and enough cutlery and crockery to see us through two days! I need to garden!

I need to say "stuff you Scotland! I've had enough of the rain, the fog, the snow (all of which we've experienced in the last 7 days!) and I want to see a daffodil, some snowdrops, a few crocuses and a little yellow ball in the sky at least for a few minutes".
Mum and Dad are coming down again to help with more remedials and the children have instructions to bring wellies and play hide and seek in the new garden!

It is a little bit mad, but then it's giving them an opportunity to go into their new school for an hour or so and I can get the chimney swept (not personally and I will refrain from sending one of them up ;-)) I'm also meeting with a fencing company and a guy to remove the pond and lay more turf for the kicking of footballs, so it'll be a fun filled, action packed weekend.

Of course, the sunshine isn't guaranteed, but I know the blooms of crocuses (or is that croci?) are out in force in the garden down south and the met office is saying sun and 11 degrees for Saturday - 11 degrees, I'd best unpack the whole sheep I'd put in the roof box for shearing if we got too cold! Of course, jesting aside, the oil is still all stolen, so we may need Flossy to keep us warm at some point Baaaahhhh!

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~*Beth Durden*~ said...

Oooh you are going to the conference! That's awesome! I REALLY wanna go, but seeing as I moved back to the states and everything is super spendy and I'm broke!...not sure if I'll be able to swing it financially :)
we'll see. I'll totally let you know if I do go though. It would be fun to meet up!