Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Juicing and Headless Babies

Be warned - it is never a good thing to look up statistics. Of course, being an NCT teacher and student midwife, statistics and evidence are high on my list of areas I need to keep a check on, they say, there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.

One of the tools that Blogger has to its dashboard is the ability to have a quick peak to see where your visitors come from. It also tells you key words that people type in that bring up your blog somewhere in the complex, technical mind of Monsieur Google.

Of course, a homely, waffly, craft, midwifery inspired blog such as my own would likely pull key words such as baby, sewing, home right? Apparently not...

So answer me this - which one of you searched using the terms "Headless baby" and came up with me? PMSL!

Oh, and one final question - who is the person reading me on the boat in the middle of the Atlantic? I bet you have a story to tell...

This morning is another glorious Spring morning which yes, I know I rant on about the appalling weather up here in Scotland, it can do glorious when it puts its mind to it!! Feeling all Spring like and fresh I got out my juicer, inspired from a lovely juice from "The Juice Bar" at The Gyle last week - did you know, I've only found two juice bars in the whole of Edinburgh - where am I going wrong? There has to be more than that!
Motivated to get the health kick going again I've decided to start by aiming to juice three times a week, leading up to a healthy daily juice to give me a much needed boost.

Anyway, cucumber, celery, lime and orange were the fruits of choice today.

Of course there has to be more to my tale than a simple one of "Make juice and drink". I've not juiced since before Christmas, I seem to lose the urge to want to drink slightly warm frothy cucumber when then weather is cold however good it is for me. So grabbing the juicer from the cupboard meant I left a vital part behind and didn't realise.

Note to self: When juicing, ensure you have the pith and rind catcher attached to the device and that the spout is facing the opposite way, otherwise you will be covered with sticky juice waste, rind, peel, pips and pith and that'll be after you've washed your hair and the floor...grrr!

Now I have to go, Mr Beehive the younger is upset as he has "lost his ability to cartwheel in his sleep" and I need to comfort - albeit I may not encourage him to re-learn as my front room is rapidly turning into the tryouts for the Olympic games. I'm meeting a friend for a coffee later and have to rid myself of the lingering smell of celery that is starting to smell like old man's wee... just a bit.

If you juice, leave some yummy recipes below.

2 comments: said...

I am very nervous as to where you found the inspiration for the smell of celery!!

Lynn said...

seriously Rachel, first juice of the year and you chose Celery and Cucumber as your introduction?! Two of my biggest food foes (you might as well have added sprouts and turned me off the thought of juicing forever :)