Saturday, March 26, 2011

Westward Ho!

Well, about five months ago when I first thought about the idea, going to Oregon, the week before "move day" (which from henceforth will be known as "Shit!") seemed a fine idea!

Now reality is nearly upon me, it's seeming a little more alarming and foolhardy.

It's true, I don't like to sit still and the conference is going to be so worth it. I'm very much looking forward to going, okay, rephrase that, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop and were it not for the fact it is so very far away from my babies, I'd probably be chomping at the bit.
The last time I went to this conference was in March 2006 when they held it in Philadelphia and I drove down with a friend from CT.

This was Ina May being "reborn" through a vagina at Philly 2006!

It was an amazing event, very hands on and relaxed and I'm excited this time as two days are devoted to new student midwives showing us the tricks of the trade. One of the main draws to this conference is that it is such a hands on event and we're taught be wise women who are midwives following the footsteps and having learned the trade of their grandmothers etc. It's an international cast of women who truly all believe in midwifery as an art as well as a science. The science I'll learn from September, the art is less easy to come by, so I'm hoping I'll learn lots of practical skills, tips and words of wisdom from midwives such as Ina May, Elizabeth Davis, Jan Tritten, Enyeda Spradlin Ramos and Sister Morning Star as well as chatting to midwives and student midwives from the States and other parts of the world and hearing Michael Odent and Robbie Davis Floyd speak. 

Lists have been typed up, there are strict instructions to eat food from the freezer to run it down, laws have been laid out to not create chaos and unpack that which has been dutifully packed. Children have been briefed on school runs, daddy has been briefed on attending Master Beehive the elder's school play and the younger Beehive's school parents evening (yes, see, classic timing - i will be missing both *sigh*). They should be alright without me, it's whether I'll be alright without them.

Of course, in the midst of deciding whether clean knickers belong in the Oregon suitcase, the overnight travel down to Oxfordshire suitcase or a box, I have to make a Big Ben costume.
But of course I do! It's a perfectly normal thing to be doing on the penultimate week to "Shit!".

Master Beehive the younger has a dress up day in celebration of the Royal Wedding and they're fun running in their costumes. However, these costumes aren't the kind that you can pull together from the remnants of Daddy's wardrobe or the fancy dress box, oh no siree! These are strict instruction costumes. They have to go as a London landmark...WTF? So Big Ben it is. Yeah, not because I'm a glutton for punishment, but the other grand design he had was the London Eye, so I honestly think I've gotten off lightly!
He'll be wearing the main structure as a sandwich board and then the roof and clock face are a box over his head with his own face having the hands face painted on. He'll never run in it for love nor money, but I'm hoping that he does look a little familiar none the less and I'll get marks for effort if not for practicality.

Yesterday was my birthday- - I won't go into the fact that on my birthday, Mr Beehive, who couldn't possibly take any more time off work to help with the move...played golf, however, his manhood takes pride of place nailed up over the fire at the moment ;-)
He did, however take me to my favourite tapas place in the city in the evening, so I forgave him after a while ;-)
On the plus side of things I got some wonderful presents from everyone all so brilliantly suited to the move and the chickens and the garden...a greengage tree, a terracotta chicken holder, an egg recipe book, stuff to soak in the bath in, after a long day pulling up the bastard weeds and some money from my MIL which bought a mug hug knitting book,

from which I made this for LMB's cup of hot chocolate today attempting my first ever piece of intarsia.

and a bathroom sink - yes, aren't I exciting! It is a nice sink though and my (d)illusion is to put it onto a slab of wood and make a funky boutique style hotel bathroom downstairs. Rather like this:

So, just a quick update from me before I go back to packing and, unless I get time and connection, until I get home.

4 comments: said...

Just love Big Ben. Take a photo of him wearing it on the big day please! Have a great trip (and don't forget the material shop for me!) xxx

Emma said...

Big Ben is rather spectacular - as I expected... I too would love to see it on with clock face in place.

Oh, and just in case, it's an egg holder, not a chicken holder... would hate to encourage cruelty to chickens!

have a great trip


The Beehive said...

I was beginning to wonder ;-) no sooner did I push the bird under the cover than a leg popped out or a beak lol!

Moral of the story is don't blog in a hurry... x

Emma said...

LOL That's exactly the image I had in my head in my head!