Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Summer is finally here, dare I say that out loud?
It is 7.30 in the evening and I'm sat out in what is still a good 25 degrees c listening to the birds singing and the cows grumbling at each other! Bliss! 
It's been a funny few weeks, a huge learning curve and lesson in self discovery. Souls have been searched, hearts broken and tears cried, but overall, relief has been overwhelming.
I have always been one to follow my dreams, but this week I learned that sometimes for dreams to be realised, it is important to realise when they are just dreams.
There is change ahead, good change I think.

Step this way and enjoy the evening's sunshine with me...
 The crops continue to grow and provide us with produce.
I love the crazy hairdo of this Bergamot flower - beautiful and crazy!

The bees enjoy the rather rampant Comfrey.

Now I have a challenge for you.
These are the chicks...aren't they growing fast!
However, at 12 weeks, I am still not totally convinced what we have in regards to cocks and pullets. Today I ringed them, so this is where I'm at. If you disagree, please let me know!

This is 'Red' who I 'think' is a pullet. She is smaller than the two biggest birds and, although s/he appears to have a very pale beginning of a pathetic looking comb, s/he has a lot of fluff growing over it which is resemblant of the females of the Araucana breed. Hmmm...let's keep going...

Right now this is  'White'. Can you see how he (I am CONVINCED this is a cock - he is also pretty bold too) doesn't have the fluff on the top of his head but has a much brighter beginnings to his comb. He also has a flatter kind of head - the only thing I can liken it to is that he looks like he has some pigeon in him (he doesn't obviously, I'm just trying to describe the difference between him and the 'girlies')

'kay, that's 'Green' in the background who has a similar head shape to 'White' but his comb is paler and less dominant, however he is a similar size to 'White'

This is four of them, I 'think' two girls in the back left, possibly 'Mr Green and Mr White' in the foreground. Can you see the difference in head shape or am I imagining it? The very far back left is 'Miss Purple'. She is the only 'without a doubt' femme fatale amongst them. She has absolutely zilch of a comb and is the smallest. Now, she could also be the one that was hatched last, but I guess :-( she 'could' be my only pullet!

This is either 'Red' or 'Blue' - I'm thinking woman, but really unsure!
So...I could await crowing - it may be my only telling factor. I know you are supposed to see tail feathers and more pointed saddles in the males, but..gah, they all have tail feathers - just some are different to others and none of them seem to be uniformed to any of the others. Maybe I have eunachs?

Strawberry jam in the beginnings - luckily strawberries are asexual - not that is a requirement of jam!

New potatoes for dinner tonight from the garden - yum!

Finally...a small glimpse into the changes to come.

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