Monday, July 02, 2012

The Trolley Revolution...

That's it!
I have done it!
I have finally reached the point from which there is no return.
At the weekend I went into town with the boys.
We went to the market.
We went unprepared.
I bought a trolley.
That's right...
with wheels
with a handle
in blue check
it probably smells of wee,
or lavender
or talcum powder.
Or maybe I do,
It probably has a special pocket to stash my cash...
not my phone...
or my iPod
There is probably a velcro tab where I can attach my stick,
or a pull out seat for when I need a sit down
but I bought it and
happily put my shopping in it.
I took it home.
My boys ran ahead
Afraid of the plaid or
Afraid of the woman their mother has become?
My husband said...
Why did I not buy it in purple?

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