Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo session

Last term Master Beehive the younger won the achievement cup for his development in reading, jumping not just one NC level, but two in two terms! From a child who worried me because he loved to be read TO, just wouldn't read himself, he has become a nine year old with the reading age of a thirteen year old.

This doesn't only gently remind me that all children learn when they are ready and at their own speed, it also reminds me of his character. He is a child who, right from the word go, chose his own pace in life. He was ten days overdue when I was waiting for him...but when he decided it was time to come and meet us, he literally flew out in less than two hours!
For many years, many of you who remember him, know he used to suck his two fingers. We bought nasty tasting nail-stop, special plastic finger protectors, we bribed, we pleaded, we coerced...Nothing!
One day, when he was around 5, he came downstairs to announce he 'wasn't wanting to suck his fingers anymore'...and that, quite simply, was that.
His learning has been much down the same path. Learning, to him, is a means to the next thing. When he feels he needs to know how to do something because he realises that it opens a door to something more exciting, then he will learn it. If it has no purpose, it can wait.

I think he can teach us all a lesson or two at times.

So, yesterday, whilst I was at work, he had some fun with his sister and our au pair taking some photos of his award before it needed to be returned to school for the next lucky achiever!
Be warned, early morning photo shoots in this house, always end in laughter and silliness!

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