Sunday, June 02, 2013


We've been on a short roadtrip this half term, going up to Yorkshire to see my sis and her kids and then down to East Anglia to visit my folks and some friends.

As you can see from our photos, Thursday in Yorkshire resulted in a great 3 mile hike to a garden centre with cafe wearing raincoats and hats. We insisted on sitting outside and you can see the mist over the hills behind us.

Fast forward a few hours and a couple of hours south and we were out in the sunshine with my friend Emma and her gorgeous son at the Strawberry Fayre in Cambridge.

Now we're back home catching up with the chores that come with the last day of half term before back to school/work tomorrow.
Mr Beehive is somewhere up in the sky on his way to my second home, Connecticut. It always makes me feel a little nostalgic and sad when he goes Stateside as I realise just what such an amazing time we had over there and how much I miss some of my CT friends. As current things go, we won't be back over for quite sometime, but we are desperately collecting airmiles and hope to spend a good portion of time over there in the not too distant future. For now, we have to satisfy ourselves that he might manage a trip over to Trader Joe's and bring us back a few packs of Snap Pea crisps and Freeze Dried Strawberries!

I've been out in the garden since being back ensuring that the tomato plants my mum gave me are in, the cloches are now off the beans and courgettes and the stakes are in the cucumbers.

I think my blogging is going to be somewhat more erratic than usual over the next couple of months as I have my final Montessori Exams looming in July and there is such a lot to remember and learn before then, mix that in with it being the busiest time of year on the homestead, I may be doing more photojournalling and less chat.

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