Friday, June 07, 2013

Titivating talk !

So for many, and most weeks for me, my home journey looks a little like this:

But my journey home from work this week has consisted of this!

On a 'trying to be clever' route to cut out the roadworks this week, I decided to go the scenic way! Each day at 3.15 the cows are crossing from their field to the milking shed. These huge bovines with their agonisingly painful mammaries* swaying precariously as they lumber across the road has actually been a lovely distraction for me and I think, roadworks or not, I may once or twice a week just go this way so that I am forced to stop for 2 minutes and just wait whilst these gentle giants go about their daily routine and temporarily moving into mine. Two minutes to slow down and breathe whilst I watch the rhythmic plod.

*Mothers amongst you will fully compute what I mean here!

It's been a bit of a week of crazies this week of mine: beginning on Wednesday evening when the youngest Beehive brought home some unwanted visitors that created a mad dash to the chemist and an evening of us all sitting with our hair wrapped in greasy slime as we suffocated any possible life form that may (or may well not in the case of the rest of us) have decided to set up camp in our hair. It is, sadly, one of the risks of children and, according to my mother's sleuthing, children between 5 and 11 are particularly susceptible. It's no surprise really as they're in that social stage where it is important, for girls in particular, to hug their friends and share brushes and wear their hair flapping around them. LMB has shortish hair (still *sigh*), and it's pretty thin in comparison to the rest of us, however, they still decided to climb aboard!

Deciding she was obviously on a roll this week, she then proceeded to forget to take her swimming stuff to school this morning, so, I ran back to get it only discovering she'd left the bag on the floor, absent of both costume and towel. Hastily I shoved in both and ran back up to school only for the teacher to inform me she was actually wearing her costume...I think you know what's next.

 Luckily I am eternally grateful for good friends of whom you can call from the car in a frantic rush as you're now late for work, to ask them to bring a pair of their own daughter's underwear to save your own daughter's dignity and the embarrassment of having to go commando!

For my own flash to the world, I chose to wear a lovely cowl style t-shirt to work this morning. I work with little ones, but they are independent and, well, you know the whole Montessori thang, so I never need to bend down to push a tricycle for a child...never...particularly not when there is a potential new parent in and I'm just showing her 1.5year old how to pedal the at all!

Finally, you realise you really are a complete bumpkin when you offer to give a lift to a friend only to have to remove the four chickens from the front seat so she can get in*. The chickens can't go in the boot as it's full of plastic bottles, fishing rods and compost to enable the weekend's work of making some outdoor play stuff for school.

Oh well!

Pig roast in the village hall tomorrow night along with a knees up with girlfriends ( including my knicker pal) and I aim to be suitably attired for any kind of wardrobe malfunction when 'knees-upping' - kevlar if necessary!

So that just about sums up our week!

Have a good weekend!

*the chooks were in a box, just in case you ever wanted a lift from me in the future !

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