Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekending June 28th

We're in the penultimate weeks of the school year and, with one child graduating; one child moving into Option year and off on the Norfolk Broads next week for curriculum enrichment week; one grown up child sitting final Montessori exams and two out of three children with roles in the school end of year show, (the Lion favourite), life is far from calm in the Beehive.

I have a parent's evening and final reports to write as well as 7.5 hours of exams, including a practical. This has meant that this weekend I spent 8 hours in the company of other Montessori students as we worked our way through the whole of the 0 - 6 curriculum. Shattered didn't come close.

Added to that I have to make a Rafiki costume for one child which, as all things go, is probably one of the hardest of the costumes to get together and make look right. Fortunately, the younger Beehive, although singing the role of Young Simba, is only required to wear a brown top and brown leggings, so I can breathe again for her costume. Of course, I am not helping myself as I don't do things by halves. Rafiki 'will' look authentic. I have already received my hat from Ghana, am awaiting a linen tunic from Ebay, have made a wooden necklace and a belt with seed pods and raffia, Ebay have also saved the day for ankle bracelets made from seed pods too. I'll upload some photos when we're done.

So I really am counting down the days until I can kick back and truly roll into summer. 

We're in the final stages of the flood renovations. We're doing the outside now: This is the current state of our front path. 

We're putting in new drains, a permanent alarm system and pump and fixing the wall so it's not going to landslide into the door.
I'm really chuffed with what we're seeing, however, Thursday evening saw Mr Beehive, myself and a delivery guy manually shifting 7 tonnes of Scottish pebbles via our car tow bar and then pulling and pushing a truck. My butt ached all weekend but we made them onto the drive, but you can see they just ended up where we could get them!

We also celebrated Master Beehive the younger's birthday with his friends this weekend too - why not try to cram in as much as we could. He has parties and Scout camps until the end of term, then his birthday falls on the first weekend after term finishes, so everyone will have gone away. We decided, therefore, to go early. Bowling and pizza hut and six over giddy, end of SAT's, post Secondary school visit week, too many blue sweets from the ice cream factory boys with four Super Soakers...well, I'm drinking a glass of wine this evening !!

See what I mean???

She was invited to pizza, and as always, found a time to draw and write.

We have  had a lovely weekend though, gorgeous weather and the garden is positively blooming, so to finish this weekend, I'll just leave you with some garden shots from this week.
 Vegetable garden really beginning to flourish

It doesn't seem to matter though, how crazy the week or weekend is, the colours in my garden, rich in hues of blue, purple, white and pink, always seem to have the calming effect I need...add a dash of sun and splash of warmth and I'm easily pleased.
Have a lovely week!

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