Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jumping through hoops and over hurdles!

One of those completely manic days today that I would be sure I'd manage better if I had a pair of roller skates attached to my feet.

Today was sports day at school.

LMB has been thrilled about the prospect of this event and woke me up to tell me so at 3.30am! Eventually I gave in and "let her out" to hone her egg and spoon skills at around 7.30 along with that god damned lark !

I've managed to not play the role of sports-day-mom in the last 10 years, but, being back in the UK, can no longer avoid this duty of parenthood.

So, armed with my camera, I set off to cheer on my tribe.

As the parent participation events came close, I realised with urgency how I needed to be at work, all of a sudden! The beds won't change themselves and I need to check levels of wee and take out a catheter or two - has to be! *wink*

So, I rushed off to work for a couple of hours.

Then I rushed back to let out the dog for a wee, pick up the ingredients for the soup, and then rushed back to school to pick up the first two children, comfort Master Beehive the younger as he is sad that his house came last and work out that "the Green Grandparents" isn't actually the name of LMB's house, rather her interpretation of "the Grampians", which is!

Then I rushed up to the next school to pick up the second two children, having texted the teenager to tell her I'd be a bit late as I couldn't get past the cheerleaders at the schoolgate of the first two children. Of course, being a teenager, she didn't pick up the text - well, not the one from me at least !!

Then we rushed home, one child needed her 80's costume finding again for tomorrow, the other decided that this time he wanted to go as a hippy and needed a purple coat and flares - oh and a long black wig - not even wonder-super-catheterchanging-sportseventattending-mom could fix this one in 24 hours, so my granny would have been proud and we "made do and mended" - well, adapted.

Then it was time to go swimming, so off we pootle again, all kids in, all costumes on, all towels, goggles, hats, accounted for. They swim, I watch and sweat - the temperature at the baths isn't kind to spectators. They change, the little miss goes home knickerless as she forgot to put them in her bag *sigh*, I make soup and fresh bread for dinner. The conversation flows, loudly, with much remonstration and wild gesticulation, in English, in German, in Gerglish. They get down and I clear up, wash up, wipe down (with some help), sing songs, feed dogs.

It's now 9.30 and I am going to bed, but not before I've made a big peace banner - shit - better get a shift on, it'll be morning soon!

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pansy said...

By the way, that is the second week running that LMB has gone pantless. You will have to be careful of that one!