Sunday, June 20, 2010

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Ever had one of those weekends where you wake up on Saturday morning and by the time you've rubbed your eyes, it's Sunday evening?

This weekend has been one of those! I've hit the ground running without my running shoes on too!

First there were ballet show rehearsals which required gelling and pinning back into buns, of non existant hair, then there were Rainbow pwincess parties:

...with enOOOOOOOOURmous pink cakes as big as our faces!

There was a necessary trip to Camera Obscura

in order to entertain Master Beehive the younger and the teenager, whilst Master Beehive the elder was at cricket practice with Mr Beehive and a rather nice victoria sponge cake that I'd whipped up in my sleep (yeah -look at me being Mrs.
Smugmummyhomebakingcakemakerallbeforebreakfast! - marks out of 10 for taste - 10, marks out of 10 for's amazing what you can hide with icing sugar on the top, but at least it wasn't a stoned dinosaur!)

Then there was "the football" - oh, no, hang on, then there was a group of rather pathetic looking men running around a green piece of grassland flailing their legs around and occasionally managing to kick a ball! I've pretty much escaped the football scene for many, many years now having managed to marry a man who shares my sentiments of "it's only a game". However, this may just have been his secret to a happy marriage, or only comes into light when there is a world cup. NOW he has partners in crime. Two, happy to oblige with the yelling at the screen, the shouting at the ref, the assurances that "they could do better", sons. So the three of them hijacked the box and my sitting room for 90 minutes *sigh*.

Then it was Sunday, which was father's day - Happy Father's day daddies - although it did take a nano second of disgruntled grumpiness on my behalf to think why "he" was getting the lie in AGAIN this morning and why he was ignoring my whimpers for coffee! *oops*!

Then it was a couple of hours to unpick and run up the fleece in a larger size:

God, would you look at the attitude, kind of reminds me a bit of this:

Finally, the smallest rugrat was out on a bikeride with her friend and I was going to work.

Now it's nearly 8pm and as I said, it's nearly Monday morning again! Although there was time for some of this...

This weekend will self destruct in five seconds...


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pansy said...

We'll search our family albums for a photo to show you who she resembles (I'm sure the attitude is similar as well!!) If she turns out as good as her Mummy she will be OK. xx