Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School's out for the summer!

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Just some of the beautiful artwork that the boys have done at school this year. Last day tomorrow.
I am really looking forward to the lack of rushing around, the lack of need to iron uniforms for seven weeks, the lack of need to be organised and the abundance of lazy days!

For once we have a mere 7 weeks, rather than the full 10 or more we had in the US, so this will be a challenge to fit all our usual gazillion actitivities into such a small time frame and for the first time this year *gasp* we're not going to curse a music festival either, so you can all rest assured, the weather this year on bank holiday August, will be glorious!

The boys are going to play cricket next week and then they've both asked to attend a cooking course the following week. I have (dis)illusions of grandeur that week where upon I will not be cooking for the three days they're at this course, instead I will be catered for! I think I probably ought to take off the rose tinted specs right now as the sun has gone in!

LMB is going to an arts and crafts workshop - yay for making a mess in someone elses studio rather than my kitchen!

Then we're off to Kenya for two weeks later in the holidays!
This is, in itself, proving a challenge for my genetically inherited inability to pack small! We're limited with weight on the small internal planes we'll be taking, so we've decided to do as our youth and take rucksacks only. I know I won't need the third pair of shoes I'm gazing at, but in Scotland I get so little chance to wear I said, I'm still working at it but I'm pretty sure that Mr Beehive will take less clothes than me, maybe I can just squeeeeeeeeeeze those shoes at the bottom of his rucksack......

This year's elderflower cordial in the making.

Oh and finally a piece of writing from LMB's school file that I'd love to share with you:

"I leke to go with my famaley to the bitch"

I am hoping I can see three spelling mistakes in this piece!

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