Sunday, October 31, 2010


My sister has been around this weekend with her family.

I love it when we're all together.

There's lots of noise and bickering and ruckus and fun and food and wine and so much belly aching from all the laughter.

Whilst she was here we managed to scrounge an extremely rare night out for the four of us. We went to a very small, but delightful, seafood and steak joint on Rose Street. Afterwards we headed to a pub for a drink and, being me, my eyes began to close. Soon I drifted away to places that are only privy to me - yes, even you don't get to go there ! The chaos and noise of the pub disappated and it was just me and that place and.... yes, she poked me.
I leapt! Physically! Out of my frickin' skin! Thanks sis! But heck, that's what sister's are for! We laughed so much we cried.

We took the children bowling:

We also celebrated Halloween with a small party at home, which brought about much fun with the face paints and decorating the house!

The Kiss!

 Once the neighbours and OPK*'s had gone and some semblance of calm resumed. We decided to introduce Morticia and Camp Dracula to the delights of Nurse Jackie and a glass of hard earned wine in our sweats, trying desperately hard not to "borrow" some of the kids' candy!
Little and not so little heads disappeared to the land of nod the second heads hit pillows, of course, with the clocks going back, the littler heads have decided that it's time to get up...*yawn*.

The cobwebs are going to be well and truly blown away this morning with a brisk walk up Arthur's Seat!

Happy Halloween!

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pansy said...

What a load of scary monsters. It is quite difficult to tell which is which!