Sunday, October 03, 2010

Now for the science bit...

I was listening to an interesting discussion on the radio last week. It was about time and the psychology of time.
In a nutshell, the scientist in the discussion had been trying to see whether or not we actually saw in slow motion when we are so freaked out that it actually, physically causes us to see time slower. On the flip side of the coin, if we're completely absorbed in things, do we see time faster.

The evidence proved that we do not see in slow motion, but instead that there is a deep connection between our mental state and how we perceive time, in otherwords, if we are engrossed in activity, time appears to move quickly, if we are scared or bored, time is prolonged.

This struck resonance with me because this is what I try to explain within my classes. Women who are maybe watching the clock, or are afraid, may find that time drags during labour and if it drags then it tends to exacerbate their impression of pain, thus making labour longer and more painful.

I know, simple eh, but so difficult to actually do when someone has been waiting 9 months for a specific day, then potentially gone over that said day, so that when their time does finally come and they start labour, everyminute seems like five. The adrenalin builds with the excitment and anticipation, but in the process, supresses the endorphins and actually inhibits oxytocin, so not only is there a psychological blockage (time), there is a hormonal one too.

I don't know where I'm going with this, only to say, that it's kind of nice when I feel that the "science bit" backs me up on national radio, *flicking hair*.

In my personal life, time seems to shoot away from me faster than a bullet train.

This weekend is nearly over again, most of it was spent on the sidelines of various football pitches or driving the gang from A to B.
Mr Beehive and I did manage to have an evening to ourselves, enjoy some Sushi and a movie, but suddenly it's Sunday afternoon and I've cooked a full roast dinner, sorted out uniforms for tomorrow, ironed and done at least four loads of washing and now we're sitting down for a family movie.
This evening I'll do some reading once the children are in bed, maybe think through the outline of my next essay and crotchet some more flowers - I'm making a lot of brooches for my friends this Christmas ;-)

So, enjoy some photos and take a minute to tell me what you've been up to this weekend...

Eldest  Beehive sneaking a marshmallow whilst cooking

Cooking dinner for us all on Friday evening: Beef Goulash - it was delicious!

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