Friday, November 05, 2010

For Lisa x

Cancer you bastard, you take, never give.
Leaving behind those who don't want to live,
the life left behind, void of laughter and voices,
of happiness, friendships now barren and souless

You drive a knife into hearts of those who love hard
Dividing, destroying, you play your trump card.
Children are parentless, partners now widowed,
Parents are childless, saddened, embittered .

Like a shadow you creep, from breath you survive,
Leaving your trail in the depths of our inside.
Black, sooty handprints on the hearts of the soul
Twisting and squeezing you take your control.
But cancer there's one thing that you have left out
One thing you can't win, I'll give you no doubt
You can't destroy memories or life that is past
Of that we have dominian and look, it is vast.

Photographs, memories, genes, books and time,
All of these victors over your dirty crime.
Cancer you bastard, cancer you scum
Humans WILL beat you, every last one! 

I just wanted to write this today for anyone who is suffering with cancer, or a relative with this dreadful disease and especially, Lisa, this is for you, David and Holly xxx

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