Thursday, November 11, 2010


I don't know why, but whenever I say that word I always sing it in my head to the tune of Roy Castle's Record Breakers - Of course, the real word was the exact opposite of what I'm experiencing, but - hey ho!

Just out of interest, if you are a child of the 80's - this site will please you!

Anyway, Procrastination is the name of the game today. I should be colouring in the structure of the gastrointestinal wall, or, if I can't summon the energy or inspiration to do that, I should be working through the gazillion piles of stuff everywhere that I need to downsize for our move, or, if I can't bring myself to do that:
the pigs need cleaning out
the bathrooms need cleaning
I have to write more for my writing class on Monday morning
I could be packing to go down to my sister's tomorrow
I could be finishing the final 20 or so rows of the cardigan (yeah! Don't look that the date is 12th July 2009!!!)

but instead, here I sit with coffee number 2 of the day, chatting to you lot! Although - wait for it - I have booked some concert tickets today!!! That's an achievement right?

I haven't even really got much to say - we could talk about the weather, but I live in Scotland, so you already know what the weather is like and I'd feel I'd robbed you if I take up your all important procrastinatory moment when you settle down to read some blogs with your mid morning cuppa and all I can do is ramble on about the weather and  housework and my Ani DiFranco tickets - did I say it was Ani? I love Ani - she rocks - although, we are in standing, so I am not sure whether Mr Beehive will feel up to getting back to his university roots and sweating it out with the youngsters down at the front - I feel I may be sacrificing his ability to get out of bed for a few days afterwards for my selfish desire to pretend I am 18 all over again, yelling myself hoarse, my head firmly embedded in someone's armpit, a raging desire to swing my arms in an ape like fashion whilst staring at the floor and not moving my feet, dressing my feet in Dr Martens with tippex flowers all over them and drinking lukewarm cheap beer out of plastic glasses ! Still never mind - it'll be worth it !

This weekend Mr Beehive and myself are going to York for the weekend. My sister - henceforth known as Sister of the Beehive (that sounds rather officius actually - like Order of the garter or something!) has kindly (or stupidly!) offered to have a the mini and not so mini Beehives for the day and night so that the Mr and I can have a night away.

I'm really looking forward to it - I think Mr Beehive is looking forward to lazy morning, newspapers, pubs, chilling and I'm looking forward to sticking my camera into everyone's face and racing around everywhere to get the best pictures, shopping in all the one off quirky places, going to the sweetie shop in the Shambles - ooh, the Shambles... - I always see a night/day away as a timed event in which I have a countdown to do as much as I possibly can in as shorter time frame as possible, doing anything and everything that I generally can't do with smalls. Mr Beehive on the other, sees it as a time to be more laid back and chilled than normal - see that as flatlined! I wonder if it mightn't be better we split up for the day and meet again in the evening hee hee?
It must be such agony for him being married to a full on Aries - albeit an Aries today that seems to have an inability to get motivated!

Okay - kick up the butt, suitably taken - I'm off!

Have a wonderful weekend - don't procrastinate too much, but if you do - call it dreaming - it sounds so much more acceptable xx

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Lynn said...

Ooooh have a brilliant break. Nick and I did York without the small last weekend...and now I want to move there xx