Thursday, November 04, 2010

Moving on up.

  • Sometimes it's important to make a decision that might not seem easy or the best but in the long run you know it'll be better for everyone involved. 
  • Sometimes that decision might be really hard to make and might even cause you to grieve for something that was or something that you hoped it might have been but hadn't been for a very long time.
  • Hanging on for something that can't be anymore is destructive, particularly if it is one sided.
  • It's healthy, for the soul not to wish for things that aren't going to get better and to let them go.
  • It's good to accept life doesn't always take the path of least resistance and walking that path may be littered with stones or pebbles to trip us up.
  • Much as we can control what we choose to do, we cannot control the choices and decisions of others and it is an awakening to realise that fate has different paths even for those whose paths were once entwined.
  • Realising all of this is refreshing and opens up new life, like cutting deadwood and watching the new buds shoot forth.
  • Memories are great things to have, nothing can take them away. Be grateful that you were able to share them with that person and you had the time together to do that - and move on.
  • The past is yesterday, the future is tomorrow, but today is a gift, it is the present. Live it like it's your last and don't put off today what needs to be done. 
  • You get one chance to be you! Do it well!

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