Monday, November 15, 2010


York is a beautiful city. Full of grace and charm and gorgeous rounded old age!

Mr Beehive and I have just spent a lovely weekend there courtesy of my darling sis who had all five children for two days. She took them to the armoury in Leeds for their special outing. Yes, you did read that right, she attempted (successfully by all accounts!) to take all of them, including two mini soldiers in my younger son and hers, to a place with guns, swords, knives and fighting replica! Kudos to her in getting them back with all limbs and digits and her sanity in tact and no replicas pleaded for and purchased!

We on the other hand did the Snickleway walks and walked the wall. I think the Snickleways would be even more attractive than they are, if they weren't now used for trash bin storage. I suppose though, in ye olden days there would have been cries of "Gardyloo" (or the English equivalent) and a surprise from above, or, small streams and rivets interlacing around our feet - I suppose a few brown plastic trash bins aren't such an abhorrance in the grand scheme of things.

I really enjoy York. Each time I go, and I have been many, many times over the years, I always discover something new or rediscover something. However, despite having been many times, I haven't, until now, seen York from the wall.

So, if you've never been, or have been and have always had it in your mind to go back but never got round to it...Go! Hopefully some of these photographs will whet your appetite. Enjoy x

 Sunday morning - a beautiful, fresh, freezing November morning.

 The Secret Garden at the National Trust property we stayed at.

 Yeah - not a lot to add to these - boiled wool slippers - I fell in love - the orange pair now adorn my feet and arty sock picture waiting for Mr Beehive to try on some shirts...

 Fantastic 100 year old vinegars and fruit vinegars - like a pub for vinegar! The Hairy Fig - Fossgate - you must try it out! Stinking Bishop cheese and onion bread too - nothing like food for kissing xx

Ah, that's better - York Minster!


emma said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend. I can't wait to go to York again soon . X

Su Macarthur said...

Hi Rachel - I live in York and was looking for a photo to use as my facebook cover. Off all the photos on google I chose one of yours! - I hope you don't mind? Please let me know if this is ok as if I don't have your permission, I will remove it of course. Thanks Su

Rachel Bee said...

Hi Su
I have no problem with you using it at all, thanks for letting me know. x