Friday, December 03, 2010

Feeling thankful Friday

Okay, because I have run out of steam to think of anything today, I have put together a list of things that have made me happy and that I'm thankful for today.

Thankful that the fat bars worked and now the birds have some food. There are tons of peanuts and seeds packed in the other side of the fat bar!
I am so happy to see this little guy. He is one of those incense "smokers". I bought him from the German Market last weekend and he emits lovely Christmassy smells when I light the incense. Good for the soul. I am thankful for soul smells xx

This makes me smile, that the children, at the ages they are, still ask to change over the season's table. Our winter table needs some holly, I'll have to see if I can get some on the way back this afternoon. Thankful that our children still want to continue with rituals we started when they were babies and toddlers.

Ooooh, my stove top coffee pot. Makes the best coffee IN THE WORLD! It's coffee with LEGS! and there is just something very homely about having coffee bubbling on the hob. So thankful for hot, steaming, perfect coffee xx

Sour dough bread. I made it to the High Street today whilst taking the children to school and stopped at the Artisan Bakery. Thankful treats for our tummies when school is out at lunchtime and small legs have walked the mile home from school again as there are still no buses!

So thankful, to my darling husband for making it possible for me to attend this. The Midwifery Today conference in Eugene in March 2011. Five days of no mail produced this beauty in the backlog today when the postie arrived. I am so happy!

The postie also brought me this, which also makes me so happy. My friend and I exchange tree ornaments each year, we have done for the past five and every year I receive a little parcel from Wilton in the US with my beautiful gift. It's almost too pretty to open. Thank you Andrea - sending you lots of holiday love xxxxx
What are you thankful for on this snowy Friday?

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