Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yuletide Greetings

I've abandonded you all again, and so close to Christmas too! I'm sorry!

I've also been a bit of a stresshead, so it probably wasnt' best to get online and bore you all with it.
I love Christmas, for me, it's all about being with the family, enjoying good food, giving lots of handmade (and not so) gifts to friends and family. Yet the snow this year, for all it's beauty, is proving a right royal pain in the proverbial butt.

Ma and Pa were hoping to come up today, but their attempts were thwarted at the end of their drive by the pile of snow that deposited itself overnight, so they're hoping to come tomorrow. Of course, this is hoping that not more white stuff falls, otherwise, and this is the stressy bit, I'll have sad kids, sad parents and sad me!

I've had enough of the snow now. This afternoon when I picked up the children, I had to reverse to get traction on the car and get out of the parking spot and the back of the car skidded out and slid into a post - thus giving me an early Christmas present of a nice dent and some added paint colour to my car! Of course, I still hadn't actually gotten out of the space, so I put my car mats under my wheels and asked the chap sat in the van watching my antics if he could give me a push.

I love how the weather brings out not only the very best in neighbourhood spirit and community, (having watched and helped with digging cars out, spreading salt and grit on people's drives and paths, doing extra shopping for elderly relations, friend or neighbours) as well as the absolute bloody worst.

"No!" he shook his head!

Are you as astounded as I was?

He didn't even have the decency to wind down his window and tell me he had a bad back, sciatica, angina, was pissed or just a plain old arsehole. No! I wasn't granted that honour, just the honour of standing in the street with my chin on the floor watching him shake his head!

Anyhoo, successfully pushed out (not by him!) we've been busy going to school plays in which the littlest Beehive was the star; yes, I thought that too - a nativity, needs a star, but no, she was the star! It was very sweet and she proved her diva/director status stands by acting her little heart out and telling the rest of the cast their stage directions when they were busy waving at their parents. Amazing what a couple of years makes, considering two years ago, she ran off the stage crying because someone had "taken her spot"!!

We've also been cooking and baking and making gifts.

This evening we went to the German Market in the city, I love this event, it's the perfect appetiser to Christmas:

I hope if you are travelling or expecting travellers this Yule, they arrive or you arrive safely and you can share the love and warmth of this season together and maybe spare a thought for those who have been stranded or separated somehow.

Sending you all our warmest yuletide greetings for the holidays. x

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