Wednesday, December 01, 2010

There's S'now business like S'now business!

Day four today of our snow pile and it's not showing much sign of stopping with any real determination yet.
We have dug the road out four times so far, dug the cars out twice and not used them of course and walked with rucksacks on to the supermarket twice to ensure fresh fruit, veg, milk and hay for the pigs!

Of course, this is still relatively novel, although the children are bored of playing out in it now, but today we're getting in the swing of things, I got together some school work for the kids and actually for a few seconds, missed the home edding aspect that used to be in our lives. Of course, being able to do this calmly today and enjoy it has meant that all of my work and study has had to be put on the back burner so I've not picked up a book. In reality, this was one of the reasons the children went back to school, because the logistics for all of us to study and stay sane at the ages they were, didn't fit together like that perfect jigsaw puzzle!

Living in a white wonderland requires so much more planning and organisation in a day (yeah - Dorian - mate - you win - I couldn't do it!) and between us, our day today has consisted of:
2 hours clearing the drive, road and cars
30 minutes clearing the drive of Mr Beehive's aunt and uncle who live round the corner.
3 hours of school work
2 hours trip to the supermarket which, on a regular day takes around 10 minutes each way!
1 hour making soup and bread
20 minutes making fat cakes for the birds.
1 hour cooking and preparing a larger than life meal so that we have plenty of leftovers for later in the week if the supermarkets run low because deliveries can't get in.
20 minute diversion on the walk to the post box - sorry to those of you who are waiting for hats and mincemeat - I haven't got three hours pencilled in yet to walk to the post office and stand in the queue with the millions of other people with the same idea. Next week, I promise!
...and I'm still knitting my socks! 

However, we still managed to bunk down on the sofa this afternoon to watch "How to Train your Dragon", so it ain't all chores!

Here are a few pictures from our Christmassy postcard!

Killer Icicle! Watch out below!

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