Thursday, December 02, 2010

Winter stars

Today I am at peace with the snow!
It's so quiet outside and, yes, it takes a lot more planning and organisation in the day to go anywhere or do anything and yes, we've done a lot of back breaking snow clearing and rucksack carrying, but the joy over these last few days of not having to be anywhere and the slowing down of life, has been idyllic.

We've all been able to share lunchtime and dinner together, which has been incredibly precious. We have eaten well as I've had time to really cook everything from scratch as there have been no after school activities to rush to, no school pick up to do, no work to fly out of the door to, we've laughed together, danced together, crafted, written stories and drawn. Of course, it's not all been happy families, there have been moments of intense cabin fever for the boys in particular, who also share a room, where there has been the desire for a moment of privacy or solitude and there is nowhere to go.

Tomorrow, for half a day (go figure!) life will resume it's normal status. Mr Beehive will be attempting to go into the office, all three Beehives are in school and I will be back with my head in a text book, but, I just want to say out loud, how blessed I've felt for this week in many respects.

I just wanted to share with you a tutorial for the Waldorf inspired winter stars that we do each year and put on our windows. They are so easy to do and can be made more complicated depending on folding, but they look so effective and pretty and anyone can do them, from the littlest hobo to the biggest boho.
I make them out of a kind of greased tissue paper - known commonly as "kite paper" in the US which comes in packs of squares. You could also use regular tissue paper, but one of the beauties of the wax effect is that the paper is sturdier. The link takes you to a shop that sells it online.

So I'll leave you with this, and also some more pictures of my stunning gallery of icicles!

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