Monday, June 13, 2011

Planes, trains and automobiles!

It's awfully quiet around here today. There are no men putting holes in my walls or roof,  there's no au pair (not that she was ever loud!) and I only have one child having packed the older two off to a residential school trip for three days. What to do eh?

It does rather compensate for the weekend we've had. Firstly Mr Beehive's train was delayed due to something or other...probably rain *sigh*, so I had to go to Birmingham to pick him up at 9.30pm on Friday night. Then the teenager left for Germany, so she had to be taken to the airport for 5.30am, so back we went! It proceeded to rain ALL DAY on Saturday which was miserable and meant the jobs we'd planned for outside, couldn't be done and the washing got whiplash what with the schizophrenic on the line, off the line. The kids and Mr Beehive went to see Horrible Histories in Oxford and had sushi, I'd also got a ticket but realised that it was asking a lot of the puppy to stay home for what could have amounted to six hours and not poop all over the kitchen. So, I got to stay home and stand in the rain every two hours coercing a 10 week old puppy to poop on demand - oh yay!
Sunday appeared to be a little better although it still rained all day. However after dropping Mr Beehive back at the station at 6, I got a phone call to say...guess what...the train was delayed, so I had to go to bloody Brum again.

Then there were the flies. Whilst the rest of the family were enjoying the Romans being utterly gruesome and ruthless, I was having my own battle with something from return of the living dead. After dropping them at the station, I ran a few quick errands and returned home. I opened the door to the sound of not one, but about 40 flies! The skylights were crawling with them. No, before you asked there was no missed poop that had brought about this infestation. In fact, I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that we have a section of roof over the cooker hood missing and whether or not a colony (is that what you call a collective of flies? perhaps a nightmare would be more suitable) had hatched from somewhere under the floorboards upstairs that we'd disturbed on the removal of this panel? Either way, I had to push the pups into the wet garden whilst I fumigated and then proceeded to vacuum up the black winged rain falling from the ceiling! Bah!
On the puppy front, we're making progress (although I may have just signed my own death warrant here). She gets most of her business outside and Meggie even played "with" her today and they tug of war-ed with humpy duck. Meggie is the Sharpay of the dog world, she likes things just so and isn't much of a playful dog. She loves nothing more than to snuggle up. She probably would have been better as a cat. So for her, the transition has been surprising. She makes it known when she's had enough of her face being licked by the puppy and won't share her food until she's only got dregs left but, heck...I think that's okay to stand your ground and the puppy is beginning to learn where the boundaries are!
The puppy is still bemused when Meggie is allowed to sit on the sofa in the lounge but she is relegated to the floor. She is not to know that she'll be 50lbs in a few months and built like the proverbial brick s**t house! She'll get there eventually though!

It is quite odd the boys and Mr Beehive not being here. They've never both been on sleepaway camp at the same time. Master Beehive the younger has done a weekend scout trip as has the elder Beehive, but both separately. I had been rankling with them about packing, they wanted to pack as soon as they bought the letter home from school and I, being the boring, kill joy parent, felt this slightly premature (yes, even for me and my love of packing weeks in advance!) Of course, the most important thing on the list was the fact they are allowed to bring a packet of sweets, so naturally this had to be bought a fortnight ago and admired from afar. Being the mean mother I am, I insisted they could look at them on the windowsill in the kitchen rather than "storing them for safe keeping" in their know how that goes, don't you...months later you find sweet wrappers behind the bed and under the mattress...but of wasn't them that ate them.

Do you have one of those fairies in your house? It's the one that doesn't flush the chain or leaves toilet paper on the floor, the one that eats the last chocolate mousse without asking or finishes the orange juice but leaves the empty carton in the fridge, the one that definitely hung up his/her uniform but it obviously fell off the hanger, through the closed wardrobe door and onto the floor! You will have one of these fairies if the immediate response from all of your children is "it wasn't me!"

 Tomorrow, as long as I don't get "the call" to go to a birth, I'm meeting with some local NCT teachers for lunch, so I've been trying out a new recipe for falafels and tzatziki. Hopefully it'll taste alright, and if it does, I'll post you a new recipe later in the week.

Right now I'm off to have words, as our "fairy" bumped the car on the gate post again yesterday (just to perfect her weekend!) wasn't me...ooops!

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