Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In my garden this week I have peas, lots and lots of lovely mange tout peas at the moment. One minute they were teeny seeds that I sowed, with a small tinge of doubt and a lot of hope.  Over the months they slowly developed without my full knowledge or acknowledgement, beautiful white flowers were the only sign that they were happy and content in the sun with their roots in the soil. 
Suddenly I have these beautiful peas.
But are they ready to pick? Should I eat them as they are, crisp and fresh, or wait just a little while longer for them to fatten and to see what further delights Mother Nature has to offer me?

My lady number one is now a week and a day past her hospital-imposed due date. She's doing fine. She's well and the baby is happy, but he's just not quite ready to come to meet her. 
He's a cute, tender little mange tout right now and give him a couple more days he'll fatten and also have a sweet and tender tiny pea in the middle that will make his mama draw breath every time she sees it, and she'll be glad, so glad that she waited because in that moment, the world stands still.

Nature is the boss. Time is the essence. Together they are the perfect combination. Mess with things and the bitterness creeps in.

That is all for today apart from a few photos from around the garden: 

sweet peas
Blue Agapanthas

North Star, white agapanthas

Purple Sprouting broccoli from which we ate our first portion on Sunday - delicious!

Colourful chard, ripe for the picking very soon. 
and "sweet" Pippin. Not remotely for eating, but growing as fast as the crops.

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