Thursday, June 09, 2011

Welcome to the House of Fun!!

We have a new addition to the house, the one I alluded to in an earlier post. Pip is a yellow lab from working farm dog parents and she's just nine weeks old right now.

It's not madness or the burning desire to never sit still that's brought me to a decision to acquire another demanding mouth to feed, but the fact that Meggie will be on her own a bit more in September when I start at uni and we (or rather I, as I'm pretty sure Mr Beehive will agree that he didn't have too much say in the matter!) felt she could do with some company. I am also liking the idea that she is a larger dog so hopefully can be a good deterrent for foxes and 'Oil Burglars"!!

Anyway, so far, things are tentatively okay. She seems to be doing really well with house training, all poops and pee has been in the garden, bar one, and I'm actually crediting Meggie with some of that teaching. She's a bit of a chewer, so I have the "no chew" on all my chair and table legs and she's being given many alternatives - funny how none of them taste as nice as my crocs though!

The harmony between the two dogs is neutral at the moment, Meggie has never been a "playful" type of dog. I throw balls for her and she'll play for a short while, then grow bored, preferring to roll on her back and have me stroke her all day. Pip, obviously wants to play and barrels herself full force into Meg. This is currently not such a problem, in a month or two when she is twice Meg's size, could cause injury, so we're trying to teach her to find the balance. Meg, when not so appreciative of having her face licked or chewed is telling her so. I think they'll work it out!
Reluctant peace!

So, the floor sanding dust is on it's way out, although, I have a layer in my car - presumably from returning the sander to the store! and now we start on tiling. I have half a bathroom to remove of tiles, along with probably half the plasterboard, and then my lovely handyman will be re-tiling once the shower is in.

On other news, I had my first salad yesterday from the leaves in the garden-  most delicious too. I am not entirely sure what types of leaves I had, there was some rocket, some that was like a Pak Choi, I added some chives and some basil - true mix of tastes, then put in some goat's cheese and cranberries and a softly boiled egg, adding a balsamic dressing. It was truly yummy, even more special that it came out of the garden!

So new puppies, pile of mess, bathroom disaster zones - may as well kill as many of those damned birds as possible and eat them with lettuce leaves to boot !

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