Monday, September 11, 2006

Beowulf and Montessori

Well today has flown past again. I only seem to get to bed these days for it to be time to wake up and then go back to bed! I made three visits to school today, pick up separately one for each child!! All of whom had fantastic days and, bar the eldest, have gone straight off to sleep with tired exhaustion - yay! I had a parent orientation in school led by the school directress. As usual M is a very enlightening and vibrant speaker, she always makes me feel refreshed and renewed in my choice to use Montessori even when there are things that puzzle me about it. Take a question asked this morning about Montessori approach to creativity and imagination in stories. M explained that it was always nurtured never supressed and yet from the teachers, the kids would get the "real version" of events, so for example, rather than telling the story of the bad wolf who went to blow down three houses belonging to pigs that talked and wore clothes, they would tell the story of say, Johnny Appleseed or Albert Einstein. That said, were a child to make up a tale of talking animals that do amazing things, then this creativity would be celebrated and nurtured. Montessori was a believer that children's creativity comes from within and therefore it will express itself without force, which I like! I agree that by the "reduced-media" policy and enabling children to have access to books that are less fairy tale like and more realistic, they are actually opening doors to children using their imagination far more than providing clear cut images on a plate.

R. is feeling a little better at the moment, I am pleased to say, is also taking a few days off work! He has some tablets that are appearing to keep the pain at bay and hopefully he will get some tests done this week. I, on the other hand have started a new is the "lose 6lbs overnight" diet. i think I ate a salad that disagreed with me yesterday, so he basically walked in the door from the hospital to me crawling into bed and handing them over! Bet he thought I was faking!

Tomorrow is my driving test. Crazy but it brings back nervous memories. I have been driving for 17 years. I hope this doesn't fail me due to complacency. My mom to be is holding off at the moment (keeping my fingers crossed for her legs to stay that way until tomorrow evening!.

Well, I am off to that place of down and dreams now but to end must just ask this...if Montessori is not keen to teach from legend and myth but rather from truth and fact.........why is my elder son doing Beowulf for his school play this year?

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