Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brangelina and Big Pants

Well, how is that for a Saturday in September? Brad Pitt has declared that he and Angie are not going to get married until laws ae dropped in the US where everyone has equal right to getting married. I would like to think that be pledging this he is supporting this case had I not read somewhere else that Angie has turned him down and they are continually fighting. Not that I really give a flying fig about them, but I just love the way that the media twist things around. On the other side of the world, Bridget Jones is auctioning her big knickers. I seriously don't know what all the fuss is about......they only have to open my top drawer and could probably make a mint!

On this same day in history, R is in hospital, I am not trying to make it sound mundane by wibbling about Brangie and knickers first, just it might sound more panicky than it now is. He went in on Friday after a particularly violent attack. He was totally floored by the pain which had now moved to the centre of his belly. i ended up calling 911 and they came and gave him some morphine which didn't do any good, so that shows how severe his pain was. The admitted him but still can't find anything. The current talk is that he has severe IBS, but I had no idea that suddenly, mid life, IBS will come on that severely. I thought it was primarily an intolerance to things aggrevated by stress or eating. His has been painful for three weeks, then suddenly it changes, the pain is far worse and has moved and he is eating nothing different to his usual diet which is low fat, low cholesterol etc. So he is currently being observed and I hope to pick him up today. I have no idea how he will cope if he has another attack at home and we can't keep going into the ER. I don't like to admit it, but I had hoped they would find something, at least that way there would have been something to remove or treat. This is stabbing in the dark.

This weekend is going to be it's usual insanity. The boys are at swimming lessons this morning, and then I was hoping to take them to the Oyster festival with a friend and her children, however, I forgot about W's class picnic this afternoon AND I hope to be able to pick R up somewhere inbetween. I think we will probably postpone the oyster festival until tomorrow. Last night, in bed, I could hear the concert from my house!! Bo Bice was playing along with a band called Third Sister in which one of the teachers from school sings!! Oh and to boot I am supposedly on call, but have had to hold off for yesterday and today. Unfortunately there are no back ups available for this weekend either!

My patience is really being tested this week. The boys have had 13 weeks of being in each other's pockets and it is now at breaking point. I have had to ask them to play in separate rooms this morning as I cannot take anymore screaming or crying. Funny, these are the moments that I would LOVE to admit never happen, that discipling positively creates children that are mild mannered, patient and always gentle. But that is NOT the case and there have been moments in the last couple of weeks where I have actually lost my temper and shouted really loudly at them. Personality plays a huge part in the way a child is. T is loud and likes to organise things and struggles with the concept when he is not in charge. This year at school I hope will help him with this. He will be the youngest in the class (tri-age system) and there will be times when he will need to be second fiddle. W. on the other hand has been suffocated this summer. He needs the space to express and imagine. He is only doing mornings at school and I am going to get him together with my friend's middle child so that they can play together unstiffled by the older siblings. This is such a hard situation. I don't want to suppress T but want W the chance to make decisions that are not influenced by his older brother. I am also taking W to Tae Kwon Do on a Friday. I want him to channel some of his energies into something positive. W is not aggressive and is quite sporty, but he might enjoy a positive and focussed individual sport that doesn't require "working under someone" ie a team game, but allows him to be able to take responsibility for improving under his own steam. He did pretty well on his first lesson until he saw T at the door then he wanted to be with him. Still, next week T will be in school all day so W won't have the distraction.

I still struggle with allowing them to "be". I, as a child, was loud and tbh pretty bossy and obnoxious at times. I want them to really be able to get on in life and make and keep friends. I know things will change over time, they will have sad times and difficult times and I can't shelter them from those, in fact I can only equip them to deal with them as everyone needs to go through them. I still fight inner gremlins though that wants them to be liked by everyone. I know this is actually my own needs coming through here, and not theirs! Guidance is the key and I think T is leading the way and we are learning together!

I have my driving test this week!! I know, 17 years of driving and I am actually worried I will fail (see, here I go again!!!). I have been driving for so long that you fall into bad habits - anyone around here drive holding the wheel constantly at 2'0 clock? There is also a written test. This will be the day she goes into labour!!

Well, better get on, life is never dull at The Beehive!


Alison said...

Hi Rach

Hope R is OK. S's brother has had something similar for years - had all tests and nothing found except 'probably IBS' then I got him to see the homeopath - she discovered strong allergy to potatoes - of all things. Now he has cut them out is much improved, still has mild problems when things are stressful but 100% better than it was. May be worth a try. Alison

The Beehive said...

Thanks Alison, I will get that checked out, I guess spuds are really starchy aren't they, so not such a weird allergy to have and there is potato thickening in a lot of stuff! Hope you guys are fine, we are checking out getting some ski lessons........wanna come for some skiing???????We are less than an hour from some good slopes!

pansy said...

I can't remember you being particularly loud or obnoxious. Isn't it strange how quickly you forget and only the good things remain? How was the driving test?