Friday, September 29, 2006

Fridays and Fermented tea

Fridays are always manic in our household.
I seem to be perpetually chasing my tail.

This morning I took the children to school then drove over to our nearest Wild Oats for some snacks for the workshop I was leading, I know, this would be far improved if my organisational skills were such that I wasn't zipping out for this stuff last minute! However, this is me! While in W.O I saw they had some Kombucha tea which I had been hearing people talk about, so popped a couple of bottles into my cart. Do you do that? Go in for one or two things, start off with a basket, then have to change to a trolley cos you get too much!! Well, that's me too! Anyway, digression (perhaps it's the fermentation that is adling my brain as I type!)this is meant to pick up alertness, help boost your energy levels, aid with digestion etc etc. The lowdown is here then I forgot about it.

The rest of my day follows that I finish the workshop at 11.50 with a pick up at school at 12 and probably an 11 minute herding these poor women out of the door, picking up karate kit and lunchboxes, I am now tearing back up to school to get W and I. I rush in out of breath to my poor daughter, the last one standing in the toddler playground and my son, who was about to be ferried back inside with the other Lost Boys, smiling and apologising to respective teachers.

We always eat lunch at school on a Friday so I don't have to do the darned drive back home an added time! Then W. goes for his Tae Kwon Do. Once this is over, I. and I have a disagreement about her being strapped in the car seat, which, despite the fact I tell her this is non-negotiable (yeah right, a 2 year old will obviously know that word!) I do feel for her as she spends a lot of time in and out of the car. We go home for 50 minutes, enough time to diaper change, let the dog out for a run, answer a few calls and e-mails, read a couple of books, tidy up the mess leftover from this morning and then back up to school to get T. He finishes at 3.30.

We are then back in the car, but not before allowing them to run around the labryinth at school - which, they decide to do barefoot - okay so it is the middle of September, it rained last night and there are twigs everywhere, but they are MY kids, so whaddya expect? I call last orders, we all pile back in the tank, back home, ONLY......wait for it. You think the story has ended there??? Oh no. We pull in the drive to the cries of "where's my backpack?" F^YU*&^*&^*

So, through gritted teeth and threats of no snacks cos there won't be time before supper, I return the same blasted route back to school only to find his backpack sat by the grass where he left it, but no lunchbox. So, here I am, serious idiot's head on, combing the school after everyone else (except the teachers) have left for the day finding his school reader and lunchbook, smiling inanely at any teacher I meet and mumbling into my beard about "not having yet made it home!"

SO, to make a long story even longer, the Kombucha is now opened and tried and it is weird to say the least, however, there is a great feeling of "I couldn't carelessness" about the way I feel as I type, so either that is my inner self becoming more and more restored, or I picked up the bottle of Chardonnay instead who knows??? Or rather.................
Who cares?????????

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pansy said...

My God! Iam exhausted just reading this. Perhaps I need some of that wonderful stuff you have got. I don't know how you modern mothers cope - I am sure I never had this trouble when my kids were young??!