Thursday, September 21, 2006

Toilet seats are a girl's best friend!

Or so it would appear! I's new favourite fashion accessory seems to be her Dora the Explorer toilet seat. She has taken it upon her self to do some haphazzard "toilet training" of her own!! So who am I to stop a girl when she has an idea in her head?? It is pretty sweet and at times even fairly successful, particularly when I am able to play ball and sit next to her on the throne for up to half an hour at a time when she pulls faces, makes grunty noises, gets off, says "done" or "finished" only to then decide she needs "potty, I need potty" grocery shop this week was going to be done online, only right now, unless I can re-organise the computer to set up in the bathroom, I might not get past the fruit aisles! So if this is the beginning of losing the diapers then it is no great loss, however, the boys did take some time to be dry so I am in the meantime learning many new fruits that I didn't know existed!!

If you are wondering where the information on Patrick has gone, he has now been found a sponsor which is great news, his fees have been paid so he can start his training in November and eventually go back to work in the village - a great resource.

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