Friday, September 22, 2006


It is quiet! I have given into the bewitchment of the square nanny for half an hour so I can gather my thoughts and write my blog. I had all my past "clients" (friends now one would hope!!) over for coffee this morning with their new (and not so new) charges. So I was late for pick up, then W had asked for a picnic on the school lawn with his friends, so we did this before rushing off to tae kwon do and then home. The mail was left strewn with the dirty coffee cups and enough biscuits to feed an Pinky Dinky Do is babysitting whilst I (obviously!) am washing dirty cups!!! I am now, again, trying to multi task (okay, so NOT washing cups) but chat with a friend on MSN about "sexy-vend" and answer e-mails. T. is going on an after school Friday night playdate tonight. He and his pal had been arranging it since the start of term and it consisted of an hour here, an hour at his friends house and two hours at the local hands on museum!!! Seriously! If we had done all that, it might have been 10 mins after all the driving! So what with trying to keep my head around fast chat on MSN and sexy-vend and Philip Larkin......hmmm Julie, I am losing it! I don't know if my peaceful half hour is exactly that!

Tomorrow is just as manic. T and W have swimming followed by a party and then T is selling popcorn with the scouts in the afternoon. I am going to the gym at 8am YES 8 AM cos there is no other time in the weekend to go. Right now I feel totally motivated about that.......i will let you know if I make it though!

W. made me laugh the other day with his "out of the mouths of babes" comments. Apparently he had seen an Albert!!! There is me thinking "a what?" I have heard of (but thankfully not seen) a "Prince Albert" but "what is an Albert W??" - "it was in T's magazine. It was about the Back Yardigans new movie" - Oh now I get it!!!!!!It is so hard keeping up with "kidspeak" come back Clockwork Orange!

Saturday -

Fall is coming really early this year. It is so noticeable here with the leaves. There is an ethereal beauty to the days. They start foggy then usually pick up with sun shining through the goldening foliage. I suppose with the fact that there has been less sun this year than normal. It is naturally very very beautiful but the sooner the leaves turn, the sooner they drop! Part of me really loves the start of autumn, the foggy starts, darker evenings, wood fires, lead up to Christmas etc, but at the moment we are in a limbo land. Some days it is really cold, particularly in the mornings or wet, other days it is up in the 80s again so I never know what to dress the children in, shorts, trousers??

We have the first of our second year of visitors in a couple of weekends. R's great aunt and uncle followed by my cousin. Mum and Dad are going to be joining us for Christmas this year which will be lovely, well, apart from the fact I am on call for a birth around 17th, still, Christmas can always be postponed a day if necessary!

The children are continuing to entertain this weekend with their funny comments. T, who is proving to finally be understanding why he doesn't have candy often or blue food colouring, was at a party today. As usual the goody bags and party food were of delightfully bright and hypnotic colours. R. had let both of them eat one of the small gummy candies that were in their bag and T took great delight in telling me that "if you want me later mummy, I might be on the ceiling" !!! Don't ya love em?? I's contribution to my book of "Crazy Commentaries from the Little People" was on our drive to the store this afternoon. Each day her vocabulary is increasing and she is stringing together more and more words. As we were driving she kept saying "yak, yak" so of course, I asked her what was "yak". She then told me "daddy's car, smelly, yak"!! Hmmm, tell it like it is babe!! time for a clean out I think!!

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