Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Circumlocutory fecal evacuation!

Today my gremlin side has crept into my parenting!

Yesterday we were at a presentation evening at ds#1's school. He, along with his fellow classmates, were demonstrating in pairs, different work activities in the classroom. T and his partner were doing a presentation on Time Zones. Parents passed from station to station listening to the children give repeated performances of their material.

Anyway, that aside, the evening ran on and we left around 8.15pm, which for T's bedtime is getting late. On the way home in the car T brought up the subject of Plate tectonics (one of the topics at the presentation that evening) and this led onto earthquakes and volcanoes....then lightening...bad things.........keep with me,......and eventually God!!

"Why does God have bad things on the earth that kill us?" was his question. I am sure I have told you before, I find these questions among some of the hardest to answer with my children. Give me questions on reproduction any day over these. I feel that however I answer him I am influencing what he believes in and he isn't satisfied with "some people believe" But what IS there, what do YOU think???

I was brought up as a Christian in a church going family and I believe there is something, but what I don't know, whether it is a god or spirits I am very unsure. He asks me how he can come back in this life if he has been killed, where will he go? I know these are only the same questions any parent gets asked, death, dying, who am I? but the answers are hard to give and allow him to think and feel freely rather than the way I or R. do.

This is just something I am sure, with time, will come to me and he will find his own course of belief. So.......I am now somewhat brain dead from all the questions.

We curl up to read a story after he decides to have some more breakfast (before bed!!) and then finally at around 9pm he heads upstairs and R. arrives in with yummy Japanese food!

By 10.30 I am also in bed, I think I have a cold coming.

12.20, He is up! Bad dreams, bed clothes off, thirsty etc. He is dutifully tucked back in, dreams blown away, kissed and I donate my drink of water for his thirst.
I fall back to sleep

1.20am, back again. This time........tbh, I can't truly remember, but there are shadows and might be more dreams etc. This time R. goes, I hear stern words, roll over and try to get back off.
2 minutes later I think I can hear affected sobbing ( you know the kind - "sniff! sob! silence", volume increases, "sharp intake of breath, sniff, sob" silence - is anyone listening to me? let's up it a notch... "sniff, small cry out - test the water, sniff again, sob!")

Okay, that is IT! I am up, in the room, lay down the law:
"You are safe, you have had a bad dream, I am sorry you have had a bad dream, but that is all it is, a dream. I am tired. I have given you everything I have in me tonight, my head is hurting from all the questions, I want to sleep. You were up at 12, now 1 and I want you to go to sleep......NOW! You have my water, you have me awake and I won't be able to go to sleep now until at least 3! This is not fair, it is every night (actually, at the moment it is, so that was justified!). I do not want to hear from you again until the morning, do I make myself clear? I will tuck you back in, kiss you goodnight and then I am going back to bed!" aaaaggggghhhh

Now I am awake, I need to pee, I can't sleep, my head is now thinking about what I said, and then about other things I need to do tomorrow.........gggggrrrrr

This morning is another day........on the way into school one of the teachers accosts me. Young Master Beehive is something of a celebrity in the staff room so it appears! He is quite reknown in the school for his many, many questions and curiosities and love of garrulous, verbose confabulation..........but last night at the presentations, apparently one or the teachers overheard him saying to his fellow presenter with a heavy sigh "I am so tired of talking."

Shame how these things don't last !

Yours wordily
The Beehive

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pansy said...

I can't believe he finally admitted such a thing!! Bless his little cotton socks!