Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunnier climes

Yay! In only a few more days we are going to be heading away from here for here. I am in the midst of trying to pack clothing for a completely different climate whilst sitting here in the early early days of a late starting spring. We have been on a hunt for sandals today.......not easy considering many of our friends are spending spring break skiing, so you can imagine the stock in the shops right now is still pretty wintery.
The rest of the packing hasn't been too hard courtesy of friends and my sister's hand me downs for I., W fitting into T's clothes from last year and T's passion for wearing shorts until the depths of winter which has meant he has a plentiful supply! I am having to cull the quantities of dinosaurs, cars, dressing up clothes and play food that keeps appearing in back packs and for every item that I put in folded I. takes it out, "re-folds" it and puts it somewhere else often in her little basket that she is "mepakin". If we make it with two complete pairs of armbands and enough underwear for a week we will have done well the thought of going commando in a Snow White dress doesn't fill me with excitement!!!!

This weekend the clocks went forward. The US have decided that, in a way to reduce energy, they are going to have daylight saving time from early March through November. I do love the longer evenings, it certainly gives a spring/summer air to it all, but where are we saving?? The idea is that we will use lighting and heating less or put it on later in the evening as the nights will be lighter etc.....but surely, the mornings are now darker longer, so the lights will be on longer the other end? I can't honestly see that doing it this way around will save that much, particularly as R's work has decided to replace most of the "crackberries" as they couldn't cope with the clock change. Well, it is a "gesture", GB is very good at making gestures!
I am grateful though that for three short weeks, the US and the UK are only going to be 4 hours apart from each other, which makes trying to speak to friends and rellys a little easier.

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