Saturday, March 10, 2007


You know when you have been too long in one place:

Today's discussion at the lunchtable:

W. is singing an African song in the local language (I have no idea which) that he learned at school and sang at gathering yesterday. I suggested that I would like to video tape him singing it. Naturally T. wants to be taped too singing a song and decides that he will sing a song in Hebrew that he learned for the Winterlight concert.

W: Where is Hebrew

Me: It isn't a country, it's a language that they speak in parts of the world.

W: Where do they speak Hebrew?

Me: Israel,

T: Jordan, they speak it there?

Me: Well there might be people there who speak Hebrew.

W: Eye-Rack?

OMG! *Shock*

Is that like a shoe rack then???

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