Thursday, March 15, 2007

Locked in a bog with a shaggy dog

"What is a promise?" asked W

T - "Something you can't break."

W - "What never?"

T - "Sometimes you can. For example; if you wanted to ride your bike but it was broken and mum promised she would fix it and on the morning that she went to do it there was a fire. It started in England and went over the water to Ireland where we lived, and we had this sprinkler and then there was so much water that there was a flood, so we used the sprinkler to put out the fire, but the hose made a flood...................."

Well, it would be a great excuse!!

Until today, we had turned the locks around on our bathroom doors so that a small toddler couldn't open the doors and go in the bathroom without our knowing. Little Miss Beehive has been able to open the locks and the doors, with great delight, pretty much from the week after we turned them around! However, as with the life in the Beehive, we haven't gotten round to returning them to the original place despite them being defunct in their purpose right now. It is possible to turn them to locked and still close the door, hence making getting out again, impossible.

Where am I going with this? (See where he gets it?)

Little Miss Beehive has a new game.........wait until unsuspecting person goes into the bathroom pre-occupied with the job in hand not hiding imp or already boobytrapped door lock, then out she springs with the stealth of a weasel and locks the poor bugger in the lav, along with any malodourous business.
Of course, yesterday, doing it on the day T. had a friend to play so the 90 decibels that we normally have had been upped to 120!! No way on earth was I going to be heard from the depths of crapperland.........fortunately, as luck would have it, (after about 10 minutes of me hollering and wondering whether I would be better still stuck in the loo when the mother of the playmate arrived in about an hour's time, or on the patio with a broken part) a small female Houdini just happened to be passing after biding her time and probably chuckling with glee at her achievement.

"wassamadda mammy?"

"I, the door is locked, can you open it for me please?"

"shuremammy, I save you."

Life resumes as normal!

I am currently looking into a short week getaway for the kids and I during the summer in between our guests. My favourite option at the moment is THIS

Is this just tomfoolery ? You can't possibly get locked in a Yurt.................

can you?

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pansy said...

It is an Irish thing called Gift of the Gab. Can't imagine where it came form?? Must be your Dad!!