Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day three

Okay, so the silence - she had un-potted the bulbs and re-potted them......all over my carpet!!!!! aaaggghhh!

Day three and we are still going strong. No T.V has been watched by Les Beehives petits (yeah, monkey see, monkey don't do! Cold Feet re-runs have bitten me in the evenings!)

Here is a piece of trivia. Did you know that the average household has 2.6 T.V's and watches in a life time - 7 continuous years of TV if they watch between 2 - 3 hours a day from pre-school age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have one TV so I guess that makes us Luddites!

Yesterday was a pretty easy day what with piano afterschool. Today however, has been a day off school. The weather is a changin' (again!) and we are restricted to the inside of the house a little more.

So far we have (well actually the babysitter did the first one with them as R and I were at school conferences being told how "high-spirited" two of our children are - bet you can't guess which two!):

Planted sunflower seeds and radishes (I am a glutton for punishment!).
The boys have played for HOURS with the new Playmobil that T got for his birthday.
Run around outside.
Later we are off to get W's new glasses and then get some ice cream for tea from Cold Stone and there is a bake sale tomorrow at school, so I am forseeing some mess and cake mix debauchery going on in the kitchen.
T has piano practice and thank you letters to write.

Current level of stress: Low, kids are engaged, admittedly I think they went a little manic for the sitter (*insert small smirky winking grin here*), I don't feel the need to open the wine or drink more coffee and the TV hasn't been mentioned once in three days!!!!!

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