Sunday, April 15, 2007

To lack of wisdom!

This week has been a long and tough week thanks to the exodus of two porcelain pearls that I have been somewhat attached to for the last couple of years. Problem has been that there hasn't been the room for, decluttering begins at home, why not start in my mouth!!

Monday morning, bright and breezy, saw me at the maxillofacial surgeon's office (oops nearly typed "orifice" !!) Much as my own bog standard dentist had tried to convince me that this guy was such eye candy that I wouldn't need the GA that I was begging, I hadn't fallen for that and requested (and was declined!) HEAVY sedation.

Gas and Air, yes, ladies and gentlemen, the stuff we take in the UK for management of pain in labour. To be honest, I knew that and that was actually what was making me more scared. When I took G & A for the eldest of the mini Beehives, all it did was make me feel drunk, disorientated and sick........However, Mr Eye Candy was going to put in an IV sedation on top of the gas he was giving me via a rather attractive blue clown nose.

I suppose in hindsight I should have realised that it was working when I told him he inserted needles like a girl and was he strapping my arm to the chair to stop me hitting him! *oops!*

So recovery has actually been worse than the op itself. I am nearly a week on and the bruising is finally subsiding. I still can't eat on one side, haven't lost the pound per tooth I was banking on (ha ha !), do not have the chiseled jaw promised me - the lure and sales tactics are all lies ladies and gentlemen!! AND I have to go back and re-face Mr Eye Candy on Tuesday minus the disguise of drugs!
That is of course, if I am not snowed in or flooded. We are once again, MID APRIL!!! under a severe weather warning. Sick of wet, sick of cold and sick of grey. California looks really appealing right now!

Still, on a high, Mothering magazine have just offered a proposal for a piece of work that I have written. This is not a contract as yet, and they may still not be able to use it, however, it is positive and might be my first paid job!!

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