Monday, April 30, 2007

Toasting marshmallows and stinky socks

I cannot believe the end of term is coming round so bloody soon! I actually thought I had a week longer than I do have, obviously being the schmuck I am I misread the dates for the school calendar.....or was hideously optomistic about having one more week!!! So, they will be out of school for the summer by June 8th, that is only one month and one week away!!!

Before then, T. is off camping with the Lower Elementary on the last week of term. We had a meeting this morning about this, advising us of the things they need - changes of clothes and suggestions from us to them about the daily changing of socks and underwear (euugghh!), sleeping bags, soft toy, and the things they don't - cell phones (@!), food and love notes from us declaring that we are missing them, bound to reduce them to weeping wrecks! We were also informed of the possible gifts that may be brought home from camp- the ticks (yak!) and the cootie possiblities (apparently advisable to cut the boys' hair really short before going - nice try Elizabeth!!- she offered to braid T's for me!!)

We actually had our first trial run of a sleepover on T's birthday weekend. His best buddy from school came over for his birthday tea and then to stay the night, well, bless him, he made it to 9.30pm but wanted to go home. It must have been pretty strange for him to be in a different house and bed somewhere without his parents where there are new noises and shadows on the wall. So we may or may not try again before the camp.

Anyway, the camp info is being thoroughly digested by Master Beehive, the elder, he likes to be thorough, as compensation for NOT rushing home to pack his bag tonight........which was his original plan!

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