Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A conversation with Pam

- Hey Pam, it's R. Can you send me the info I need for the auction please? I'll give you my e-mail
It's R - A

-Hi, okay, so it's A....

- No, R - A

- Okay, A

- It's too complicated to give it over the phone.

- Yes. A.

- No, R for Robot, before A

- A - R

- No!! otherway R - A

- Sorry, I have a really bad head cold and everything is reverberating at the moment.

- Oh god, I know what you mean!! Horrid are you at home?

- Yes. So, A- R

- No, let me give you the address

- Oh, you are giving me your e-mail address, I thought I was giving you the website address

- Okay. You send me the website then, so it's R-A

and so it continues!!!!

The auction has totally wiped me out, can't you tell!

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