Saturday, May 12, 2007

Remember your Manos!!

The art of children who learn languages from an early age is that they swap the words around and know exactly what they are trying to say to you. The curse of not knowing the language your child is learning yourself is thus:

Yesterday I picked up Little Miss Beehive from school and she presented me with my Mother's Day present:

"Is that for me?" I asked

"Manos" she shrieked

"Sorry, is that for me please?"

"Manos" she repeated

"Thank you?"

"Manos, manos"

"Thank you for my mother's day present. It's very lovely, may I hold it please?"

"No, it's mine!"

She then ran off with the gift of a bookmark with her hand prints on it........................

Eventually, the word dawned on me - she didn't mean manners at all, she meant HANDS - MANOS !

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mckays_in_spain said...

Welcome to my world!! Its even worse when they argue between each other and you dont have a clue what they are saying.