Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To throw the book

It is often early in the morning as we are getting ready to school that minor kerfuffles break out in the Beehive. A piano practice trying to be done with a toddler adding her countermelody, or a book trying to be read with a toddler deciding that is is "her" book and she needs it now, or hair being dryed with a toddler wanting to play hairdressers. Hmmm.... notice a theme??

We try as much as possible to talk with our children rather than at them about behaviours and one of the favourites is "try to use your words" to avoid feet stomping (of the toddler) or fingers going into the mouth and whining (Master Beehive the younger!).

This morning's outbreak was over the ownership of a book.

From my position in the bathroom, cleaning my teeth, I could hear the escalation -

"my book"
"no, I had it first"
"no I. stop, you can have a different one"

Then of course -


Dropping my implements I realise it is time for intervention (I prefer to give them time to see if they can settle out of court rather than feeling that I am taking a side or making decisions for them)

"What happened?" I asked

"W. pince me" - wailed Little Miss Beehive, pince being the word she uses for any form of misdemeanor that occurs and generally Master Beehive the younger is the offender. It used to work quite well until I realised that she could also trip over and tell me that "W pinced me"!!

"Did you?"

Looking at his feet and mumbling "yes"

"What did you do?"

"I threw a book at her"

"Well that wasn't kind. We don't use our hands and feet and hit, you must use your words."

"I did!" he cried in umbridge

"I told her to duck!"

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