Thursday, May 03, 2007

From mice and tree rings

They're back...the mice that is!

Unfortunately this morning, I had to tell Master B, the younger, that the mice had very cleverly opened my pantry, got up on the stool, taken down the remaining easter eggs, removed the stool, closed the pantry door again and taken them upstairs to eat in his wardrobe sometime yesterday afternoon or evening when I wasn't around. It was most unfortunate as one of these eggs was so nibbled that it needed to be discarded because of the germs!! He was, naturally sad about this, but understood that if he saw the mouse again, he needed to ask the mouse to ask me about chocolate and then it could be shared.

The catalog is done, 'tis over, fini, terminado!! So as a treat today, nails have been polished.

Whilst I was paying, my pedicurist noticed the picture of the mini Beehives in my purse.........

"They you children? No? They no you children, you no look like mommy, you too........"

The sentence was left unfinished as she took my upper arm and pinched it, then circled her hands around it............OMG, is this like tree rings? Perhaps the more rings I have the older I am? Anyway, at least she didn't catch me five minutes earlier receiving a complimentary massage from her colleague and dribbling into my lap whilst I fell asleep - hand me that bus pass!

Salivatory yours!
The Beehive

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Hiya! Great post - and thanks for the add!