Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How YOU doin'??

I think I might just still have it........well a very little bit of it anyway!

Of course, it is a nice, hot sunny day, there is every possiblity that I may have heatstroke, but this morning...........I made men (yes not one, but TWO!) look twice and one trip over his words hee hee!

Okay, so to the small print:

I was in the coffee shop (note to self - this blog should be renamed "The Coffee Shop Memoirs" note to others - I don't spend ALL day there but JK had to start somewhere and there is nothing so good for the leetle grey cells than killing them with caffeine!) trying to order my grande, non-fat, no milk, extra soy, extra espresso, no sugar, no whip, some caramel (but not tooo much), more ice, easy on the price frappucino when cute boy behind the bar attempting to memorise this order while looking in the cash till, looks up, then down, then up again

"I'm sorry, what?"

Frantically I check myself for signs of slug trails on my top or a piece of escaping boob from the new push-em-in-suck-it-out-breathe-in wonder bra I doned this morning in a moment of madness. Negative and there is no one behind me either!! I do declare, it might have been a double take - and for me!!

Smiling and in my poshest English accent (that tends to win lots of brownie points when needs must *sheepish grin*) I repeat my order. He then nervously repeats it back to me.......oh my, see what marriage has saved me from (large wink there for Mr Beehive!!)

With a small (it was small........yes .........really!) flick of my hair and a withering look ....................(oh crap, I made that bit up!) I turn my back on him and hurridly read the information laid out on how this particular coffee shop is saving the environment and how I can help (yeah, yeah, I know all that stuff, but I am a tart with a heart afterall!).

Feeling immensely confident in this new, dreamed up ability to turn a head, in walks Dr McDreamy..........okay, so not the REAL one, this one is probably at least 10 years.............11?..............alright ........................12 years younger than me, they make them so fit these days!!

It was the bra that made me do it!

Cutting off the oxygen supply to my brain, I look him straight in the eye, smile, and sashay right outta that joint, leaving a trail in my wake (hopefully not of coffee cups and bottles of water!)

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EmmaK said...

I don't doubt that you turned this young coffee server's head ...but I will say that I am English living in the USA, and on numerous occasions I have had the cute Starbucks guy stare at me when I say my order and quite honestly it is usually because he cannot understand what the heck I am saying. And I usually end up with an orange caramel frapuccino instead of what I ordered. So if a coffee guy stares at you while his braincells slowly churn into life it is usually just because many Yanks don't understand the British accent.