Sunday, May 27, 2007

Survival Batter

"Mummy, will you read to me tonight?"

"I can't tonight sweetheart, I have to cook dinner, daddy will read to you tonight, I will read to you tomorrow."

"Why can't daddy cook?"

"Well, he just doesn't very often"

"Can't he cook?"

"Yes, he can, you know he can."

"Oh, but you can't just live on pancakes."

And from that to this:

Screams from Master Beehive the elder's room this morning, as all three mini Beehives come wailing, naked or dressed in tutu's (we'll leave that for another time!) with cries of
"there's something on the wall", "scary bugs" "aaaaaaaggggggggghhhhh"

Mr Beehive has just driven off, so mommypower has to go into overdrive.
Dressed in a towel and hoping to god it isn't a large spider, I follow them back into the room to find a large black ant on the wall.

"Take it out mum!" encourages Master Beehive the elder jumping around behind me somewhat like a testosterone fueled gorilla ! Not that I have ever encountered a testosterone fueled gorilla , but I take comfort in imagining somewhere in the depths of the Congo, there is a gorilla mama telling her son to stop leaping around like a Master Beehive!!

Okay, okay...... let me just find my kalashnikov that I reserve for just such occasion as ant killing.......darn! It appears I have misplaced it and a piece of paper will have to do, picking up one of many littering his bedroom floor, I attempt to squash......and again.........ooops, again.........there! Got the bugger! Oh No! I have just seen the drawing on the underside, the squashed side of the paper........hanging my head, I pass it and the innards of the ant back to my son mumbling a sorry.

"It's okay, it's only Dad's father's day card" he says grinning and binning!

Maybe he will save it to go in the pancakes??

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Anonymous said...

Thank God it was an ant - spiders, urrgh! Even reading about them gives me goosebumps!